Kishiwada steel manufacture
A reinforcing rod power.
We think through "iron".
The Kishiwada steel manufacture that is an electric furnace maker aims at the rich social prosperity since foundation of 1956 as top Company of the bar steel for the steel reinforced concrete. The production factory adopts the production system of the steel manufacture, the rolling consistency based in Kishiwada-shi, Osaka. I let craftsmanship fuse with the latest facilities and send a high-quality product to society by the cause of the close regime.
What's New
What's New
I renewed a homepage
Company information
Our group establishes Kishiwada steel manufacture brand "KISI-CON" to a nucleus in bar steel for the steel reinforced concrete since foundation of 1956 and contributes to social infrastructure maintenance.
Facilities introduction
It is the first in the world and introduces electric furnace "ECOARC" regenerating steel materials in high efficiency and establishes the production system enabling consistency production in pursuit of quality and security.
Product information
I introduce the product information such as bar steel "KISI-CON" or the normal steel billet for the steel reinforced concrete manufactured from the start-to-finish production system of the thorough quality control.
A lot of materials downloading
A digital catalogue of a product introduction and the company profile, various downloading of the material including certificate and the ISO registration document of the Japanese Industrial Standards are possible. For more details, from this.
Our approach
Aiming at contribution to achievement of SDGs through the company activity, I perform various approaches. The activity content including environmental conservation and the connection with the area diverges into many branches.
It is a reinforcing rod from Kishiwada,
I support the world.
When it is our mission currently than the past that sends a better product to society to the future than the present, I am thinking about the Kishiwada steel manufacture. Each employee thinks about "what should I do now?" and believes when energy to get over a new problem if I give a group and wisdom is born. The work is not possible alone. I am looking forward to your power to create new energy together.
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The inquiry such as I wanting a certificate wanting to send a question and the catalogue about our product from this.
[the head office]
〒596-0013 20, Rinkaicho, Kishiwada-shi, Osaka
[Tokyo office]
〒103-0025 2-7-4, Nihonbashikayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Aster Kayabacho 8F